When Email Goes Wrong

Sometimes we may want to send mail to a group of people at once by CC’ing them. This is cool for 2-3 individuals or a designated team of several colleagues.

But 20, 50, 100 people? That’s not a good look and here are five (5) reasons why:

People can see and use other’s addresses. If I wanted other people to have my email address, I would give it to them. This violates our privacy. Period.

Often we don’t notice there are multiple addresses, and reply thinking I’m replying only to you — but then many people get the reply. This happens in texting, too. It can work a nerve.

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3 Ways to Drama-Proof Your Online Presence

By: Dantrel Robinson

As a young radio sales executive in the early 2000s, my mentor’s most memorable advice was “begin with the end in mind.” I’ve carried that philosophy throughout my career as a barometer to bring clarity to my vision of success. Entrepreneurs are full of vision and take tremendous risks to bring that vision to life. In today’s volatile economic and cultural climate, mistakes are costly and entrepreneurs should rely on that clear vision to avoid them as much as possible.

Every business should have a modicum of an online presence; even the most basic of websites should still begin with the end in mind. I realized the significance of this mantra when I took on “James” as a client. He ran a successful financial services firm on the West Coast and maintained a meager website – until his hosting provider went belly-up without notice (and without any way to contact them). He found himself scrambling to save his recently deceased site and commissioned my help.

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