CEO Did You Cut Budgets Again

CEO’s;  Did You Cut Your Marketing Budget Again This Year?

I have worked for and with CEO’s and CMO’s for the better part of 20 years, and in the last five, I have begun to see a disturbing trend.

While marketing is getting better, more strategic and more measurable, the C-Suite is demanding less strategy and less dependence on data to make decisions. Then because your marketing efforts do not seem to be bearing as much fruit as expected, you cut marketing budgets and downsize your marketing teams to the point where they are ineffective.

You probably need to make a decision.  You either let your marketing team do their job or manage the ebbs and flows of your marketing needs through agencies or contractors.

By tightening your marketing belt, you’re not giving your team the breathing room to research, plan, execute and measure success.  You’ve also probably hired the best,  most experienced people so you are wasting a ton of money on an expert level experience that you are not taking advantage of.

You might as well go and hire a staff of interns.

This is what the typical mid-sized company marketing department looks like.

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The CEO’s Best Friend

Mia L. Hazlett

To be a successful leader you’ll need support; no nonsense, best friend, sole confidant style support. Someone who looks out for you all the time, and is not afraid to pull the “she’s in a meeting” card when long winded guy stops in for an impromptu meeting 10 minutes before the board meeting.  Someone you can call well after office hours when your flight is delayed and you can kiss your connecting flight goodbye.  Someone who makes sure you have your printed handouts when the projector bulb blows.


This superhero is your assistant.  They are there to anticipate your needs and clear your calendar should disaster strike.  Their success and ultimately, your success, depends on your communication.  I’m not talking about being the “people person” and “wonderful communicator”.  All CV strengths aside, this cannot be an emotional communication, for either you or them.

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