Pepsi Marketing minority feedback

Diversity at the Creative Table

First, it was Pepsi, then Shea Moisture who’s going to be next? Who is going to venture into the space where they are marketing either to get the black dollar or expand the black dollar, without ever getting input from black marketers?

We have been talking for years about the lack of diversity at the table. But it didn’t matter too much of big business because the black community was not organized or powerful enough to move money with a simple product boycott. But things have changed. With things like the BLM movement, Shaun King’s efforts, the WeBuyBlack movement and the hilarious, unrelenting force of Black twitter the ability to organize has shifted.

According to Nielsen, black buying power has reached the tipping point. Last year the black dollar accounted for about $12 trillion in consumer spending. That would make Black America the 15 largest economies in the world according to World Bank data. For reference; that is comparable to the entire economy of Mexico.

So if mainstream business is smart, they will continue to try to reach Black America. But laying a trap beat behind your commercial is not going to do it. Black people, just like any other demographic are diverse in our interests, culture, and traditions. We are not all excited by or offended by the same things. But (for the most part) if you offend the majority, you offend us all, and we will stick together.

So as marketers how do you include this very big spending base into your marketing efforts without going all “Pepsi”?

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Your Marketing Goals Should Reflect Business Objectives

Do you remember that great fiscal year planning session that you hosted? All of your key people were in the room. You looked at last years’ numbers and came up with goals and plans and you walked out of the room satisfied that next year was going to be the best one ever.

But when you left that conference table did you remember to communicate those goals to your marketers, so that they could be translated into measurable KPI’s?  If everyone in your organization (especially your marketers) do not have your yearly KPI’s committed to memory you will fight harder than necessary to meet your business objectives.

The efforts of your sales team and marketers are the drivers behind your business sustainability and growth (I know you know this). You must empower them to measure progress and adjust strategy based on solid goals and data.

Today, can you look at your monthly marketing reports and determine if you are successful in reaching your business goals and objectives? If not, how do get there?

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Tools: Marketing an Event

A good friend of mine, a painter and art teacher has started hosting painting parties. She has partnered with local restaurants, where she brings canvas’ paints, smocks and easels and patron create their own art while enjoying their drinks and snacks.

But a few times every month she’s in the position where she needs to market a new location and draw in a new audience.

Marketing one off events is not an easy task. People have busy schedules and sometimes they are looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, but usually they are not. If they are it’s a special occasion, or they are looking on Saturday morning.

So how do you compete with your own customers and their schedules? You need to raise awareness of what your event/s are all about and give them as much time as possible to make you a part of their schedule. Remember your event must be worth more than their money, it must be worth their time.

  • Set the tone

Close your eyes and imagine what a successful event looks like for you? Who are the people attending your event? Why are they there, and how many of them are there?

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Make Friends, Not Leads

Making friends used to be much easier in third grade. We take the same school bus home, both like scratch and sniff stickers, and New Edition, so we are best friends.

As businesses, we don’t do a great job of establishing and maintaining friendships with our leads and customers. If we just thought about these relationships in the same way as we did in the third grade…

In marketing, we call it lead nurturing; but IRL it’s pretty much the same principles as third-grade friend making.

  1. Reach out to them after the initial meeting
    Email, phone call, social media… however, they like to communicate reach out and say hi. Not just with sales information but something that is beneficial to them.
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Data driven marketing

What’s Driving Your Marketing Decisions?

How do you decide what kind of car to buy? Do you just point to the shiny red one? Probably not, you probably google, and compare prices, and safety ratings, and features and make a decision based on what you think is best for you. You make the decision based on data.

So if I asked what is your cost per customer acquisition, or your customer lifetime value or your sales closing rate; do you know?

If you are not making marketing decisions by gut, or anecdotal, historical information instead of based on the data points you should be collecting through every customer transaction, you are essentially just pointing at the “shiny red one”.

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Quick and dirty marketing plan

The 5 Step Quick And Dirty Marketing Campaign

I often find myself in the middle of marketing emergencies! That’s when your business is in danger of not making plan budget, or having too much inventory so close to the end of your fiscal year. So finance, or sales looks to marketing to save their bacon.

But most real marketing efforts take time. I tell clients all the time they should expect that it will take no less than 90 days to see results of a marketing effort. What can you really expect to accomplish from a quick and dirty campaign?

Something is better than nothing.

So how do you put together one of these quick and dirty plans? Here are the 5 steps I usually take when facing a “marketing emergency”.

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Social media tips and tricks for small business

Seven Social Hacks for Small Businesses

Jennifer Texada

Most small business don’t have access to a social media team who designs grand super viral multi-channel social media strategies on your behalf.

Often because if feels overwhelming, many small business owners forgo putting much effort into social media. When you’re deep in the trenches of small business struggles, it’s difficult to see where social media fits into to your strategy for making a profit.

We want to see you succeed, so we hope you’ll reconsider. Social media when done well can be an impactful and inexpensive way to regularly remind your audience who you are, what you do and why they want to spend their hard earned money with you. We’ve all heard those success stories of people who built their business on Twitter, but how do they really do that?

It’s easy to start your social media presence, but how do you remain active and current enough for it to make an impact on your business bottom line? Here is my list of seven must do’s when it comes to making social media work for you.

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Surviving a lean internal marketing team

Surviving The Lean Internal Team

By: Jennifer Texada

You gosh darn midsize companies! You sure do seem to favor big sales organizations supported by lean internal marketing teams. You look like those gym guys with big chests and little legs. How does he balance on those tiny things? It is hard to believe that this is the best way to manage operation costs.

You all seem to be focused on keeping up with the big boys in your industry.  So you bring in slick agencies to do the creative work and your marketing budgets end up looking like a who’s who of marketing agency talent in your city.

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